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The flooring company Lykkebo is your local floor grinder in Greater Copenhagen and North Zealand. We have many years of experience in floor grinding and painting for both private and business. Our expertise, combined with the best quality materials and high level of service, allow you to count on our ordering service. 

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All customers are important to us. We make great demands on ourselves to deliver the perfect result every time. In this video you will see Floor Manager Tim Andreassen in action and give you a little teaser about what awaits your floors. Our values ​​are based on your satisfaction, we do a lot to signal professionalism and understanding. This has led us to be one of the most recognized and used floor grinders in Greater Copenhagen today.

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Proper craftsmanship every time

A beautiful floor requires time, right treatment and good craftsmanship right down to the detail. At the flooring company. Lykkebo we always have good craftsmanship in the center. We believe that “Hastverket is a cargo truck”, and we therefore devote a good deal of time to every single floor task.

We give your floor the time it should have for it to be really nice. And our skilled staff carries out floor work of the highest quality. We therefore sand your floor 2-3 times, depending on the type and condition of your floor. Of course, we also correct the floor if it is skewed. We start by grinding with sandpaper with coarser grains and ending with a finer grain for a finer final grinding. As far as possible, we always finish grinding along with the tree, because it gives a better and nicer result and the finishing is a better finish. In this way, the flooring company Lykkebo delivers the best possible result and proper craftsmanship every time.

Eco-labeled products

When working with wooden floors, you work with a living material. It is therefore important to treat it with the best products. In addition, it is of course also important to use proper, environmentally friendly products to protect a home’s indoor climate.

At the flooring company Lykkebo, we only use environmentally friendly oils and varnishes that comply with all international environmental requirements. These are products that are environmentally friendly, water based and free of NMP. We mainly use quality products from the Bona brand, which are pioneers in the development of water-based quality lacquers. We use, among other things, a water-based 2-component lacquer, which is slightly more expensive in price, but which gives a better end result and which is extremely durable.

Floor treatments for every taste

Depending on the type of floor you have, the flooring company Lykkebo offers 3 types of finishing: lacquer, oil or lye treatment. The treatments each have a different look and different color palette options. Of course, the three types of treatments also have different advantages and disadvantages as well as various maintenance needs.

For example, oil gives your floor a solid glow and a raw look and must be oiled continuously. Lacquer gives your wooden floor and matte shine, and at the same time it is more durable and easy to hold. Lint treatment, on the other hand, is soap treatment of raw wood often with white pigmentation.

The flooring company Lykkebo carries out quality workmanship and a durable and beautiful finishing of your fine wooden floor. The flooring company Lykkebo is ready to advise you. We assess the type of grinding and finishing that fits your floor. And we talk to you about the pros and cons of the various options.

A flooring company you can count on

If you choose the flooring company Lykkebo, you get good service from end to end. Our professional flooring professionals assess and advise on which treatment is best for your floor, and we jointly agree on the final treatment and finishing. That is, we agree on how many times your floor is sanded, which products we use, and the actual finishing of your floor. And of course we measure with laser gauges, so you only pay for exactly the kvm2 floors that we treat. In conclusion, we design an offer for you that you receive in writing.

And we always keep our agreements. This means that we perform tasks that we have agreed and included in your offer. When we finish the floor, we go through it and make sure everything is in the finest order. We take pride in our craft – and we are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied. At the same time we also have everything possible with the agreed schedule so that your floor treatment is at the least possible for you.

Would you like a non-committal offer on your flooring work in Copenhagen and on Zealand, then call  81 81 38 32  and talk to us. We look forward to helping you with your flooring needs.

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